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October 2013 saw the completion and inaugural ceremony of the Kai-Ndunda Health Center and the Puela Elementary School located near Boma, DRC on its Lotshi Block. ┬áMembers of the Ministery of Hydrocarbons, Provincial Minister of Education, Mr. Ngoma Binda and the Minister of Health, Th’rse Niangi, of the Bas-Congo Province, were in attendance at the opening of the primary school building in Puela village, as well as the modern health center in the Kai Ndunda village.

The provincial Minister of Education commended EnerGulf for having made available to the regions population the celebrated school building which consists of six classrooms equipped with student desks, a generator and sanitation.

The provincial Minister of Health inaugurated the modern health center, which includes reception, consultation, delivery and observation rooms, surgery, pharmacy, sanitation and laboratory facilities , as well as generator supplied electricity.

The construction of these two buildings is part of the ongoing social responsibility efforts that EnerGulf has committed to per its Production Sharing Agreement, for the benefit of the local population on its 507 sq. km. Lotshi Block.

The Director General of Energulf Congo, Prof. Albert Engenda Engenda Tienge said “We are very pleased to have completed the elementary school and Health Clinic on our Lotshi Block. We had attendance of over 300 people at the inaugural ceremonies including national and local- provincial high ranking officials. The local officials commented this was the first time a private company had provided such quality facilities to the region.”

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